First Year Bowls (any adult member for their first year with our club): $50.

Junior Member (any bowls member under 18 years of age): Free.

Full Bowls (the established returning bowls member): $100.

All the above categories are entitled to play in Pennant, Electric Light, club championships and social games. Bar at member rates; voting rights; access to greens for practice, social bowls, etc; access to our member events & club functions and coaching sessions with the Club Coaches.

Social Member: $50. A club membership offered by the Board of Management which allows access to social bowls outside of the Bowls Australia Affiliation Policy. Social members do not have voting rights, cannot play pennant, Electric Light or in Club Championship games.

50% off starts 1 December each year.

If you apply for a bowls membership after 1 December in any year the cost is half the full membership fee. (Golf memberships become half after 1 January due to different affiliation rules).

After 1 April memberships are full price.

From 1 April each year, the price of all new bowls and golf memberships will be 100% of the full rate, to be applied to the next financial year, with the months of April, May and June being received for free. So you effectively get 15 months membership for your money.

Membership Enquiries: If you are interested in club membership please Contact Us for details of current membership fees or phone our President, Owen Hourigan, on: 0413 177 068

To apply for membership:

Complete an application (available in the club), pay the appropriate fee, make sure you get a receipt. Your application goes to our Board of Management for them to vote on. This is required under our Club Constitution. If approved, you become a member with all the member rights and priveleges your member category entitles you to.

Returning members:

Membership payments become due each year by 30 June. If you do not pay your membership by the 30 September your membership is cancelled and you lose all member rights.

If you subsequently wish to pay your membership, you need to pay the full membership fee for the year, regardless of when you are paying your account (the above 50% discount does not apply for returning members).

You also need to submit your reason(s) for paying your membership late to our Board of Management. The Board will vote on whether your reason(s) are sufficient. This is required under the Club Constitution. If your reasons are deemed sufficient, your membership will be reinstated and so will your member rights and priveleges.

You can submit your reasons to the board via the board's secretary at: