First Year Bowls $50 (any adult member for their first year with our club as a bowler); Junior Member FREE (any bowls member under 18 years of age); and Bowls Pennant $100 (a returning full bowls member or second/later year bowler).

These memberships gives access to play in all bowls pennant, Electric Light, Club Championships and social bowls events. These memberships include affiliation with Bowls Victoria.

All these memberships allow you to nominate for and hold a position on a club committee and the Board of Management and to vote in any Bowls Section club meetings.

After the six month probation period, adult members can ask for a club key ($30 deposit) which allows you greater access to the club, honesty fridge, equipment & bowls shed.

(Our club is fully compliant with the Working with Children Check requirements).


Social Membership is just $50.

This is a club membership, not a bowls membership, but the bowls section offers some benefits for these members in the hope that maybe seeing the fun that can be had playing bowls, they decide to expand their club experience and become bowls members with us.

You'll even get a welcome pack from the bowls section, included in all the e-mails from the bowls section and, as can be seen below, have access to many other benefits inclusive of bowls membership.

This is the perfect membership for a parent or guardian who's child joins us as a Junior Member.

This year we have added access to enter all Club Championship games (except for the Club Singles events). This allows you a taste of competitive bowls, but without the time commitment, cost or uniform.

This membership does not include Bowls Victoria affiliation nor does it allow you to nominate or hold a position on a club committee or the Board of Management or vote in any club meetings.


All of the above membership categories include:

  • club bar at member rates (age appropriate),
  • bowling on the greens,
  • free coaching,
  • team training (every Thursday evening from 4.30pm during pennant),
  • welcome to participate in Rink of the Round every Saturday after pennant from 4.30pm
  • access to all club events and member days and club tournaments.
  • discounted entry to Barefoot Bowls


All membership catergories are subject to a six month probationary period when the person first joins.

This commences when their membership is acknowledged with a welcoming message from the Bowls Secretary and finishes after the six months and when the Board of Management next meets and decides whether to approve their member application.

To apply for membership:

Print and complete the application form (click here) and take it into the club with your payment. Or e-mail the Bowls President, Owen Hourigan at or call him on 0413 177 068.

To pay for your membership: 

The easiest way to pay your membership fees is by direct bank transfer. Logon to your home bank and transfer your membership fee to our club account. Our BSB is 633000 and our account number is 130607336. Please use you first initial and surname (without a space between) as payment description.


50% off starts 1 December each year.

If you apply for a bowls membership after 1 December in any year the cost is half the full membership fee. (Golf memberships become half after 1 January due to different affiliation rules).

The 50% discount period lasts till the 31 March.


After 1 April memberships are full price again.

From 1 April each year, the price of all new bowls and golf memberships will be 100% of the full rate, to be applied to the next financial year, with the months of April, May and June being received for free. So, you effectively get 15 months membership for your money.


All membership payments become due on the 30 June every year. Members then have till the 30 September to pay their fees after which, non-payment will result in the cancellation of your membership. This can be found in paragraph 6(c) of the Club Constitution.

Payment after the 30 September is late and you must provide your reasons for late payment to the club's Board of Management (BOM). The board will then discuss your reasons at their next convened meeting and vote on whether your reasons for late payment are sufficient.

If the Board accepts your reasons for late payment, your membership and all member priveleges are reinstated.

Reasons for late payment can be e-mailed to the Secretary BOM, Annie Beattie at: